Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SignalKing RA54MA 1000MW BT4 MiniDwep

SignalKing RA54MA 1000MW BT4 MiniDwep

1. Boot the Disc .
2. Select BT4
3. Click on small PC icon beside the START BUTTON
4. Type in minidwep
5. select net card WLAN0 ( if require )
6.Auto Searching AP . wait few minute . and CHOOSE which AP need to attack . ( DOUBLE CLICK , STAR ICON mean Ticked )

7.Select Attack mode ( Usually using (2) or (5)minidwep able to choose 2 type or more attacking

8. Click on Ok , 500

9. wait password POP UP

Ps : Few Reason that very slow to get password or Failure to get password

For Example ::: i have a router , only 1 pc connected , but i leave it , No download No suft Net
Meaning , If ACTIVE AP that is more easy to get password .

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